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Pho - Rice noodle in soup made you healthier and happier ....

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Pho is a common dish of Vietnamese cuisine but in order to cook good pho, it requires a complex process with a combination of many herbs. Pho is considered not only as tasty warm dish but also as healthy and nutritious. Have you ever questioned why the Asian looks much younger than their age? Among many reasons, the food that they eat daily is also one key reason to maintain their looks. The bones broth in Pho could promote the joint health besides the great source of protein, cow cartilage contains a lot of collagens; ginger is great for the immune system and for better digestion, it also helps to get healthier skin and reduces pain; herbs help to speed up your body's recovery time if you are having some illness or hangover. At Pho Nam Ly, we always choose the ingredients very carefully to guarantee the nutrition to our customers. We are here for you on chilly, rainy, sunny, or windy days, as usual, to bring the highest quality of pho. Come enjoy and get the greatest benefits for your health at address Tehtaankatu 13M4 Helsinki, Finland. We also deliver to your door. Welcome and see you soon!

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