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secret of Pho

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Pho - the national dish of Viet Nam, which can be found in every street corner, from the nice restaurants to the pop-up food stands. The Vietnamese people eat pho for breakfast, lunch and even dinner from every walk of life. It sounds simple and common as that but to create this dish, the cook needs to dedicate their passion into pho to create the unique yet traditional taste. The first step is to choose the freshest ox bones from the market in early morning to cook the stock, then parboil and simmer them for at least 10 hours to get the umami. Additional to this, there are coriander seeds, black cardamoms, star anises, cinnamon stick, grilled ginger, and onions… these herbs not only to ease the meaty and fatty smell from the ox bones stock but also bring many great benefits for health. The broth is basically the soul of pho and cooking the broth is the most vital. The combination of hot herbal broth, thin sliced rice noodles, beef and spring onion is just perfect and nutritious for a meal, get you energy and be ready for other activities. At Pho Nam Ly, all ingredients were chosen carefully and every step of cooking this traditional dish were passed through generations. Come by and taste it out at Tehtaankatu 13M4 Helsinki, we will guide you to the love of the Vietnamese cuisine. Welcome and see you soon!

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