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Hello there

Welcome to Pho Nam Ly – an authentic Vietnamese restaurant.

Our main interest is to introduce Vietnamese cuisines to people in Finland,

delivering delicious and nutritious dishes to the area.

Come to try and taste some Vietnamese foods ...

Made with our family recipe

The food here is made with our special family recipe, it's not only going to offer nutritious but also delicious.

Note: Food Allergy Notice

Please be advised that food prepared here might contain the ingredients: Mushrooms, Fish, Shrimp, Soybean, Eggs, Nut and Milk

We bought all the beef, pork, and chicken from Tukku Heino and a local supermarket. It's Finland's product

giam mang hop.png

A warm and, 
nutritious meal

Have you tried the mouth-watering taste of Vietnamese rice noodle soups and Korean dumpling soup?

We offer one of the best meals for every season, especially Pho and Summer Roll are nutritious, delicious, and warm which makes them perfect for places like Finland all year round.



Let us know your dream event

We will bring them to life

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Experience 5-star catering service but the price is very affordable and reasonable. We will offer a variety of Vietnamese dishes for the catering service. Please call us for a catering service.

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